Japan Toys

Japan Toys is a website dedicated to all cool Japanese toys. In Tokyo most of the toy stores are six stories tall and very well organized by type of toy. Japan is the country in the world with the best, coolest and craziest toys. Lots of people are looking for the latest coolest toys and we have decided to focus on just Japan toys since that are already very big to cover.

What we will do is to report on the latest Japanese toys and review them here. We will also either sell the toy online or present the best way to get the toy online to the best price available. We will cover all kind of toys like children toys, educational toys, futuristic toys and developmental toys. The only thing all toys have in common is that they are all from Japan.

We are aiming to be the best website covering toys from Japan. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new Japanese toys and we want to quickly be able to cover new toys from Japan. If you have found some cool new Japan toy that we doesn’t already cover, feel free to contact us and we might reward you with a free gift if we decide to write about that toy.

We will give you the option to buy toys here but our main focus is to write and report on new toys and not to sell them. However we always put in some effort to find a place to buy the specific Japanese toy in USA. Our reader gets annoyed if they read about cool new toys and they are not able to buy them.

Our goal is also to bring Japan toys that are suitable for both collectors and kids. Some people like to play with their toys and others like to display them on the shelf. Japanese toys can be both fun and very artistic so whatever you are looking for we will cover it. If you are looking for a funny gift you are defiantly at the right place. The best gift you can give to someone who already got everything is a Japanese toy. So go ahead and tell your friends about japantoys.net since we are here to stay and this is our hobby and job.

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